Dog Drying Bag

Dog Drying Bag

Paws & Presto - Dog Drying Bag

If you have been searching for ways to dry your pooch faster with ease, then you need to try using a dog drying bag.

Paws & Presto have a range of dog drying bags like the Paws & Presto Performance Paws Mitt and more. The dog drying bags at Paws & Presto, which is specifically designed for use with your pet, will ensure the fastest means of drying your pooch with minimum effort and mess. It is also perfect for keeping your house and car clean after a muddy walk.


What is A Dog Dying Bag

A dog drying bag is a super-absorbent fabric with friction that absorbs water most times than a regular towel from your wet dog, and dries out quickly to offer an efficient means of not only drying your dog quickly and effectively, but will also serve to keep your dog warm and cosy in inclement conditions.

Dog drying bags help to contain mud, dirt and sand that would otherwise litter your home or car. Even when used on a clean dog straight from a bath, dog drying bags will also help to contain the water your dog would otherwise shake off from its body all over the room.

Whether it is after every bath, winter walk, or even beach time, ensure that you have a drying bag ready for your dog. This means you can purchase a drying bag for home use, and also get one to keep in the car for days out, so your dog can just curl up and have a nap while he dries off.

However, if you need to contain water from your pooch using a drying bag, there are no better dog drying bags than what you can get at Paws & Presto.

Aside from the fact that you can use this drying bag daily to wipe your dog's face and paws, it also comes with an outstanding super absorbent quality, and also washes really well and dries very quickly.

Take action and help your wet dog dry faster by purchasing our grey coloured Luxury Dog Drying Bag which comes in small, medium, and large sizes. The premium-grade and microfibre material on this dog drying bag, which has been tested to ensure maximum absorption and dirt removal whilst still keeping your pet warm and comfortable, will help to provide your furry with the best treat.