Paws & Presto’s mission is to design and create problem solving pet products that not only stand the test of time but also provide dogs and their owners with the style they deserve: ensuring that they’re not only the most practical pup on the park but also the most fashionable.

As dog owners ourselves we were frustrated with the lack of choice for our beloved pups when looking to purchase dog accessories, as it seemed that there were only two choices when making a purchase, either choose a functionally robust product that’s ugly, or a stylish alternative that doesn’t withstand the harsh conditions we face as dog owners and the general wear and tear that accompanies owning a dog.

We then decided to take it upon ourselves to design our own products with an emphasis on accessories that solve a problem. Throughout the time we spend with our pups there are a variety of challenges and problems we face to ensure they have the safest and most enjoyable time on planet earth. This could be seeing them in the dark, keeping them cool in the summer or drying them when they’ve managed to roll in that large puddle you’d politely asked them to avoid. We have engineered a variety of problem solving product ranges that address these issues…Creating pet products that offer functionality, durability and style, keeping your dog safe, looking great and enjoying life.

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