Why a Dog Drying Bag is the Best Buy for Mucky Pup

Why a Dog Drying Bag is the Best Buy for Mucky Pup

A dog drying bag could change your life.

Why? Let’s look at the facts.

As much as we love our dogs, few pet owners appreciate the stress of having to bathe their favourite animal. Wet dog smell isn’t an appealing scent, particularly when it’s rubbed all over your house. Unfortunately, drying your dog is an absolute nightmare for most people.

Usually, it takes forever to get your pooch dry, which means going through a stack of towels which you then have to throw into your washing machine (yuck, more housework!). Unfortunately, trying to rush the job means you either end up with a dog covered in knots and matts, or a pooch who runs away scared at the sound of a hairdryer.

Enter the dog drying bag.

Why a Dog Drying Bag Makes a Difference

Your dog is more to you than just a pet. They’re a companion, a friend, and most importantly, a member of your family. Unfortunately, most dogs also have a habit of being a little mischievous from time to time – particularly when it comes to getting messy.

As creatures with a passion for fun and discovery, dogs have a habit of going everywhere they shouldn’t be. This means jumping in puddles, leaping into park fountains, and wading through rivers. Your dog may also have a habit of rolling around in dirt and other substances you’d rather not see in their fur. As a dedicated pet parent – that means you’re the person who has to wash up after your dog.

That’s where you discover the benefits of your dog drying bag.

If you’re out on the move, a dog drying bag is an excellent way to wrap up your pooch and stop them from staining the back of your car while transporting them home. It also means you can keep your pup happy and warm during the drive, without being distracted too much by that wet dog smell.

When you’re at home, your dog drying bag acts as a convenient replacement to the standard towel. You wrap your dog up in the bag, and accelerate their drying time, without the problematic side effects of scrubbing your pooch with a towel (such as matted fur). When your pooch is wrapped in a dog drying bag, they can’t run around the house and cover everything in water.

How is a Dog Drying Bag Different to a Towel?

A great towel is a must have for any dog owner. A good set of high-performance towels will often save you hours of washing and drying laundry after bathing your dog. However, a dog drying bag has its own unique benefits.

With a dog drying bag, you can fully encase your pup in a shroud of cosy, comfortable fabric, kind of like they’re wrapped in a sleeping bag. The drying bag instantly starts absorbing water, helping your dog to dry faster. All you need to do is pat your dog, snuggle up, and press the bag against their fur to help with the absorption. The more you cuddle, the faster your dog will dry.

Unlike a standard towel, there’s no risk of scrubbing and ended up with knotted fur. Plus, you don’t have to chase your dog around trying to get them to stand still while you dry them. A dog drying bag is also a fear-free alternative to the hairdryer if your pooch isn’t a fan of loud noises. After a bit, you just whip the bag off, and enjoy a fresh clean dog, without the stress.

Even better, dog drying bags are ideal for the great outdoors, when you may need to carry your pooch back to the car after they’ve been a little too adventurous. With your ultra-cosy bag, you can keep your pet warm and cosy wherever you are.

Towel vs Drying Bag: Which is Best?

Crucially, a dog drying bag usually won’t be an outright replacement for a set of good dog towels. There will be times when putting your dog in a drying bag just doesn’t make much sense, like when you’re rinsing something off a part of their body, and you want to get them dry fast. Having a few dog towels around is also helpful for when you’re travelling and you want back-up towels at the ready, or when your drying bag is in the washing machine.

However, you might find it hard going back to a standard towel after experiencing the benefits of a drying bag yourself. Just imagine what it’ll feel like to watch your dog shaking off their fur after a bath, and all that wet-dog smell ending up in a bag, rather than on your furniture.

A good dog drying bag is comfy, convenient, and sometimes even easier to use than a towel when your dog doesn’t feel like holding still. Just remember to check on your dog regularly when they’re drying with a dog bag – particularly during summer, as the temperature within the bag can go up pretty quickly – you don’t want your pup to overheat.

If your dog has long hair, it’s also a good idea to take the drying bag off after a little while, and check the humidity isn’t causing any of the fur to stick together. Running over your dog’s fur with a brush after a bath is a great way to finish off the grooming session and avoid any annoying knots later on.

Should You Get a Dog Drying Bag?

Dog drying bags are the simple, affordable, and surprisingly resilient tools that dog owners are falling in love with right now. With one of these handy bags, you won’t have to worry about dirt, water, and unappealing odours sprayed all over your house. After trying one of these bags, you might find yourself going back for more.